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“Love is not only something you feel, it is something you do.” – David Wilkerson

Gratitude ❤️

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When a person has a deep sense of gratitude, they tend to be kinder to the world and the people around them. Gratitude also has amazing health benefits, so start a Gratitude Journal and look at the simple things like a gorgeous sunset , Replenishing sleep, A beautiful flower, The blue sky . Do this often to receive the magic of Gratitude❤️❤️❤️

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Toxic energy💗

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Toxic energy is one of the most draining energy frequencies and the worst enemy to our well being there is.

You may find this energy in churches, with clergy, in relationships ,family or with friends.

Toxic energy can happen to anyone of us and anything can cause this to manifest itself and then it requires our complex to process it out…. However have you ever come across someone that no matter how much you read or see them, they always leave you angry?

If you usually don’t feel anger around any other person for the most part , yet constantly feel angry with one particular person pretty much all the time . It could be a warning that this is a toxic polluter.

This is usually due to a persistent toxic energy they are carrying and processing and when you tap into them their energy transfers to you.

This in turn cleans them up but leaves you constantly drained and feeling bad.

The term I use is energy vampires .

They poison their own energy with ill feeling, anger and bad thoughts and because their internal ‘clean up systems’ don’t want the poison, they have themselves manufactured , they look for a person’s energy field to dump it onto.

If you find yourself feeling constantly bad or angered with a particular party, it is usually a sign that they are constantly in a bad process themselves and angry, so looking for a regular dumping ground.

They will usually seek plenty of attention and even negative attention feeds and cleans them up because it means they have successfully managed to transfer their own bad energy onto you.

The best way to deal with a persistent toxic energy is to starve them of any energy or openess /access to your energy. This protects you and they then have to deal with their own manufactured poison or find other victims to keep them afloat in toxic fumes and clean ups.

These are some other signs that can point to a toxic person and remember, it doesn’t matter what they present to you on the outside or what the relationship may be ,it’s how they leave you feeling for most of the time that will determine if their energy is toxic.

Connecting with Guardian angels 💗💗💗

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We all want to experience a deep satisfying relationship with our Guardian angels so why do some adults have difficulty in connecting with them?

Simply put it’s to do with living in a material world and brought up to rely only on what the world, in general, already knows.

In order to connect and build a relationship we first and most importantly have to connect and speak to them in the same way we would with a best friend, without feeling we are imagining them while doing so.

Asking or praying to speak with them doesn’t usually work due to our upbringing and the way we have been conditioned…. that if you can’t see or hear something it doesn’t exist.

Children connect due to being open and more new to the local environment. They are newly from the spirit realms and some can remember it more. They have not yet had the conditioning “out of it” and the heavy local printing that is called education here or logic/heart disconnect as I call it.

A child will connect in a simple way to what they see feel or hear and although it is not through their five senses as such, they can perceive communication as if it is so.

When Dr Raymond moody coined the term Near death experience. NDE it was met with disbelief in the scientific circles.

It’s only several decades later on my reading of all these fascinating books that there has been a slight stir from some scientific circles. They have now, at the most basic level, admitted there could be some consciousness outside the body while being clinically dead.

My belief through reading those books when younger is that it may have been agreed that there is proof of life after death simply due to the only scientific question at the time that science couldn’t answer….

Which was ‘how is it that people can describe who was in the hospital room ,what was being said and what they were wearing, if the person in question was regarded as already clinically dead for that time?

This is simple to explain as a psychic clairvoyant because we are between these different levels all the time unless we tune out . It is not mysterious or a novelty for anyone communicating on more than the local environment levels and our collective conditioning.

The out of body experience doesn’t rely on the five senses yet can hear and see regardless.

It’s a form of awareness that can’t fail due to either being out of the body or limited to the body and it is this awareness and communication that doesn’t rely on only the five senses or local conditioning here.

Thats what a child relies on when communicating until they are conditioned out of it or become more focused on the material world and the endless man made distractions and problems our planet faces.

Simply put we are from spirit and when we show up on earth in human form it is condensed energy “matter”

On our planet it is a natural law that anything entering this realm is clothed in matter. Matter is condensed energy of various kinds and denominations.

Logic can understand this process and how it works and not simply dissecting it to be somehow separate.

If you keep splitting an atom it will appear as light and if you continue dissecting it eventually you will not see anything at all.

So we are not matter it’s simply a clothing that we are clocked in due to this worlds natural laws/ planet home laws.

One of the ways people of the past would stop matter from forming here if unsure of Its source were to ring bells which would break up the energy and stop it materialising .

We are now head lead and heart disconnect.💗

We rely on technology and communication that is verbal and digital and so have become disconnected from the power source that we were born with.

Quick communications and mobile, email and texting has a new way of disconnecting from our natural forms of communication too.

A Child doesn’t rely on this when very young and is open to a unique form of communication that is more natural to spiritual realms. And therefore can click into it simply and is aware that everything is connected and all is one.

They also don’t question it and just have a sense of knowing there are other ways of communication and other things exist ….other than planetary life.

They have now become the teachers of us adults in more natural ways that are not relying solely on local environment.

So if you are having difficulty in connecting with your Guardian angel realise that they are always there.

They are real and are not earthbound but connected to you anyway, so the bridge between you both is there to communicate in the same way a child does. However approaching this in the same way you have been conditioned locally or through your perceptions that have been heavly imprinted incorrectly isn’t going to work.

If you don’t believe you have a guardian angel because you cannot see them or hear them then the communication will not flow and be blocked so any further attempts will fail.

Return to childlike trust and innocence and undo as much conditioning as possible and approach it with new eyes that can see and isn’t temporarily blinded is the first step and the next is building a relationship, as your guide although has been with you prior to your birth and not left your side is pretty much used to being completely ignored until the day you for whatever reason have decided it may be a real presence after all and you may try for a few weeks to communicate find nothing happens and give up or simply dismiss it as not there again.

This on your part takes devotion and patience if you have not built a relationship with your guide for the whole time you have been here then realistically it may take quite a long time to build it and get the communication open and flowing in the way it once naturally did and not just lighting a candle saying a prayer and seeing a miracle .


Devotion💖commitment💖faith💖and an unshakable belief that your guardian angel is as real as your best friend or a relative in your family

Happy connecting 💗💗💗