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Why is finding love so important to us ?

Love in it’s purest expression allows us to be our true oganic selves. Not only is it fundamental for fulfilment in our earthly life, Its also desirable for our next journey when we pass to another existence and leave our bodies and temporary home here.

Devotion Intentions and purpose for ourselves and eachother are a more natural element and environment to live in.

Well being from childhood through to old age requires both recieving warmth and love and giving love.

Our inspirational love affair with Nature – Quotes by Clara

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Natural inspiration is all around us, just look at a rainbow or a flower to understand the magnificence of Creation and the stunning richness of the colour spectrum.
Water cleans electrics – every time it rains mother earth is doing her housework.
The energy that makes up every atom of our being originated billions of years ago in the stars. When you look up at stars in the night sky you’re looking at where you came from.
When we go for walks in nature we are surrounded by nature spirits that clean our Aura and give us a sense of well being
The beauty of relationships is in understanding the Greater Relationship. Mother Earth provides, maintains and nurtures, whilst the masculine Sun sheds its light, energy and warmth on all, helping things to grow whilst they instinctively reach towards the light. Together there is no greater love affair, each needing and supporting the other to sustain all organic life.
Quotes by Clara

A Quick Summary Of Why We Dream

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Why We Dream
Why We Dream

The brain manufactures things all the time.

When we sleep our brain wants to get rid of signals we have throughout the day but in order to do this it has to manufactures what we call dreams.

When we sleep we also go through the seven realms which cleanses us and reminds us every night what our purpose is here.

Our sleep doesn’t just renew cells and things it also cleans up our brain, our aura our electrics and so on. Much like when our body takes nutrients from our food and gets rid of waste that it does not need.

This is what our sleep purpose is

Thoughts produce energy and all our energy is being absorbed into our aura and electrics and body, but sleep is like a cleaning routine and gets rid of all these unwanted signals and anything we absorb which it doesn’t need or want, and one of the ways it gets rid of them is through dreams.

You can watch say a horror and take in negative signals and the brain will make up a story and flush those signals out which is what nightmares are.

On another level sleep also gives our astral body a chance to roam. The human body is very limited so sometimes when we sleep our astral body decides to leave and roam as its feels free and weightless and if you have ever been woken up by a shift to the body that can usually indicate that your astral body is coming back into you body after its been roaming about.

Dreams can also be a way of tuning into the world in a more clairvoyant/psychic way, as our conscious mind is engaged so leaves other senses to roam and tune into the unseen worlds without our thoughts interfering or everyday duties getting in the way and this can explain prolific dreams of the future.

Some of my most psychic predictions have come through dreams, usually anything from more mundane things, like hearing a song that i later here that day to bigger world events like 9/11.

Dream diaries are great to keep in order to see if there are any future predictions later on.


The Unseen Realms Around Us

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The Unseen Worlds

Unseen Realms
Unseen Realms

In this chapter I will be focusing on essences and trying to explain how these work.

If you can imagine qualities, care, understanding, empathy, kindness, charity and so on as higher intelligence’s and already in the world as something a human can tune into and build in themselves over time and that essences are already here in order to live with humans then this is the nature of essences.

Essences along with humans are fundamental in our quality of life and the qualities we want within ourselves and to promote in the world. At the time a human is born into the world they already are coming from their spiritual home into a planet that’s full of unseen worlds.

Babies are the most sensitive humans and are already seeing all the electrics, energies, colours, auras and other unseen things around and feeling them as their complexes and faculties are absorbing and checking out the new environment around them.

A baby when it looks at you will tend not to look at your body but at your ethric and aura around you. If you can imagine a spirit inhabiting a human form (a body) then that is more what happens when we are born on this planet.

We’ll be going from a spiritual home and being born away from our natural environment into a much more limiting existence. This we ask for and our choice, in order to spiritually develop and also to try and improve the planet while here. it’s like signing a contract( our blue print) prior to coming here.

The planet earth has an astral plane (there are 7 levels/realms in total) and everything that happens here is recorded on the astral plane. When a human is born they’re being born into an environment that is packed with unseen worlds and able to tune into anything already here.

The development and signalling of essences is important as there are many essences already here and the higher ones act as a safe guard like a buffer to the less friendly things in the unseen worlds. If a human keeps signalling for higher essences that are what we call qualities then eventually the human will bring towards them these essences that will live with the human and eventually the essence of qualities will be built in the human and become part of their human existence.

This also creates a fundamental platform and environment within the human to access a direct route to the spirit world and makes it easier for Angels, Spirit guides and other spiritual beings to have more direct access to us.

If you look at some of the most renowned experts in spiritual work, like Angel experts, they’ll have a more direct relationship to the angelic realms and will be able to channel this and give and receive messages and give powerful healing therapy that come from higher intelligence’s.

Most people can access these levels but what separates an expert to someone receiving the odd message is that a healer will have constantly signaled for these beings to join them in their chosen work and will then be directly channeling whatever their work is so the higher the intelligence the stronger the force/healing and messages being passed on.

This is why you can meet healers that can actually sense if a person has cancer or something wrong with them as the higher intelligence’s working with them are able to sense, see, feel more than us, but the human worker has created a platform that has made it possible for the higher intelligence to work with them and pass on this information onto the human and because they are dedicated to and therefore have called upon this for a long time eventually are able to practice this work.

This goes for any type of work, not just spiritual work. ie an expert in any field sciences,maths and so on. When someone is practicing a religion they can access the higher realms of faith and actually see beings and receive messages.

It’s important to respect all religions and faiths, despite whether someone is drawn to a particular religion or none at all as like with everything a human can access either the lower realms or the higher realms, but every single religion has a higher realm and although they tend not to have lower realms.

If a human is damaged or unable to access the higher realms they can interpret things in the wrong way, but that is usually down to the human and not the religion itself.

It is important to distinguish the two and not put both together.
All faith is important in the higher realms and have their own Angels,essences and so on. Faith is a belief in something higher than humans and the earth plane existence and each person that believes that is ultimately believing there is a higher power than us. What and how they choose to represent that depends on a humans own level of development, understanding, access.

In relationships we should not just look at the obvious reasons in being with a person but the spiritual potential and purpose of sharing our lives. Starting with the platform and working your way up, and asking yourself if you can promote qualities on a daily bases in your relationships like love, patience, care, empathy and so on that will eventually call higher essences to wish to live with and facilitate your relationship by promoting these qualities.

Or is the relationship calling on anger, resentment, bitterness, misunderstanding, lack of devotion and so on because these are also essences too, but not ones you particularly wish to become home in your relationships.

We are all learning as we go along but one of the best ways a human can connect to higher realms is looking at what is important to them and often reminding themselves what it is that’s most important to them.