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Coercive Controlling Behaviour ðŸŒ¸

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This came up after debating with my friends a lady that was aquitted with the murder of her husband on these grounds 🍷 . While agreed it was wrong, I had some empathy for the lady, and felt her husband was at the very least equally responsible for the tragic outcome.

Here are some other signs we have found in our own collective dating histories. 🌸 🌸 🌸

Adding further signs here as possible red flags , but not secure as abusers have many different patterns, so not always obvious signs. These are more subtle signs often overlooked

As follows.

Control over the little things can lead to control over other things as time goes on. 💕

Rushing healthy stages, and a need to tie you down with either having children, or something else that would make you dependent on them.

Rushing stages, and using emotive things to heighten your emotions in the beginning, maybe reading poetry, talking for hours, and playing into anything that gets your guard down and makes you feel you have known them longer than you really have, so they can skip real intimacy, and giving you short cut dizzy feeling of love too early to be a natural stage.

Pressure of any sort.

Violating personal boundaries…even subtle things like if you say no to a date as have something else going on maybe turning up anyway, or talking you out of it implying you are being selfish, sulking or withdrawing to punish perceived hurts.

Never taking any form of responsibility for any behaviour that clearly overstepped boundaries.

Using excuses for lack of responsibilities on their part for anything to do with you, while almost demanding you be responsible for everything that concerns them.

The relationship becomes all about them. You barely get a look in unless it concerns their needs, so same thing.

Your buttons feel constantly pushed.

Comparing you to other people . She looks good, I highly respect her, she is a good mother, friend, beautiful, brilliant at her career….etc etc especially if this is mostly the theme when discussing others, but yet they show little if any respect for you. If pointed out will call you oversensitive, jealous, imagining these things, and so on to get you to believe they are not trying their best to groom you for later abuse. Respect is completely absent, unless ‘admiring others’. 🌸

Their love is seen by them as some sort of prize you must win!!!! , but never will ,because they are abusers not lovers. 🌸

This is in order to break your confidence and esteem to depend on them.

Coming from traditional backgrounds where women have a rigid role ‘role being to serve the man’, and present herself as a model of womanhood in order to feel accepted, for her role, not herself.

Feeling used like a utensil. 🌸

Feeling if they are good to you, they are doing you a favour rather than it being a normal level of civil decency.

Possibly into conspiracy theories. The world being out to get them, including you. 💕

Lacking compassion, and sharing cruel thoughts for others.

Financial exploitation.

No maturity, feeling you are around a child not a grown up.

Breaking promises repeatedly, or saying one thing and doing another.

These are some signs we talked about can you think of others?

Do men also identify with these signs, or are there different signs used?

Can you identify with any on the list 💕

Should those subject to coercive Control be aquitted in murder trials?

My guide says its not openly spoken about, as a stigma is attached like feeling its your fault.

I often get asked why me? My guide says it’s not that people attract abuse, it’s that it’s wide spread but mostly unspoken about. With the birth of social media like Facebook rather than a sharing platform, it’s become more about presenting the perfect image and ideal life.

Escapism from the ugly realities of real life 🌸

I’m glad these things are becoming more spoken about, because sunlight is like disinfectant, but also can understand there is a very long way to go before being openly discussed while stigmas are still attached to those suffering from this, and the lack of providing safe platforms to share these experiences.

Blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

The Science of Near-Death Experiences – The Atlantic

Posted on Updated on in the afterlife may never be swayed. There are, after all, plenty of beliefs that people hold despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary “🌸

Not me, I’ve always been interested in truth rather than belief. Belief in something false doesn’t appeal to me one bit, If ndes can be proven to be spasms of a dying brain, I’d happily accept it and put it to bed. 🌸 🌸 🌸

Divine Love 🌸

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The angels taken collectively are called heaven, for they constitute heaven, and yet that which makes heaven in general and in particular is the divine that goes forth from the Lord and flows into the angels and is recieved by them.

Emanual Swedenborg 🌸

Divine Blessings 🌸

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When feathers appear, angels are near.

Unknown 🌸

Divine The Purpose of Death – Swedenborg ðŸŒ¸

Posted on Updated on 🌸 Curtis sounds like me when I’ve got a question I need answering ☺ 🌸 🌸 🌸