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Divine Love 🌸

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The angels taken collectively are called heaven, for they constitute heaven, and yet that which makes heaven in general and in particular is the divine that goes forth from the Lord and flows into the angels and is recieved by them.

Emanual Swedenborg 🌸

Divine Curiosity 🌸

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I do remember reading once that the Pope said something about them not having abilities and were lying. 🌸 While I agreed with a lot of things Pope says, this was first time I was like on experience.. Um you got that wrong Pope Frances, so you don’t know everything. 🌸

On meeting this particular witch doctor I was curious because my friend had spoken to him and when he called he not only told her what she was wearing, but even told her the colours she had on, he then asked her to repeat some words in a language she did not understand, and after she did so he said “you are stupid I could be saying I’m ripping your heart out or anything!”.

Not put off by that, or the fact that he spoke about something to do with sacrificing chickens, I decided I’d test him myself and he told me things nobody knew as I’d not told anyone, but obviously I got worried when he said my guide was trying to block him, because she wouldn’t do that without a good reason, so ended the call. Which wasn’t the end of it, but can’t be bothered to go into what my guide had to do to rid such energies as too long ago to care.

Wouldn’t repeat it again. There may be loads of fake ones, but that one was the real deal. I mean I think at time I was setting out only to prove him a fake, which backfired.

You can mirror bad intent back to source though, and that works very well, providing you are only redirecting it back, and not actually causing harm to others yourself.

When I next spoke to him to check it had worked, his voice was whimpered , he was very ill and sounded like he was in a bad way, so I guess my guide wasn’t that weak, but she doesn’t like anything dark, our guides are truly wonderful to us.

This is why I can relate to Swedenborg when he talks of heaven holding things back, collective heaven includes angels and guardian angels. They do so much without you always realising they are working for you. πŸ’• 🌸 🌸 🌸

Divine Love 🌸

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Silently one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, bloosomed the lovely stars, the forget~me~nots of the Angels.

H w longfellows 🌸 🌸 🌸

Divine Curiosity 🌸

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I would not advise anyone to go to that realm through drugs, because being clairvoyant I was able to visit without dmt. Some of the entities and they do feel like a presence that isn’t the brain, lovebomb you, but unless you can tell the difference, you get drawn in to a place where they do this because they are draining your energies, so want you to return. I only lasted around five minutes, feeling throughly nauseated . 🌸

I got the trademark headache that lasted for a week, and my guide while ignoring her pleas, commented that I’d now made myself known in that realm,. requiring a weeks prayers . She commented that I think my scorpio tail can get out of anything. (refering to my rising sign).

Not unlike years ago, when I once was Introduced to a witch doctor, who asked me to breathe in blue air then ring him after 12am. I did this and as he read for me (which I must admit was a very accurate reading) he then got frustrated and said my guide was trying to block him, but he was more powerful than my guide. 🌸 That night was another story, but not best week I ever had! I realised my mistake. 🌸

I believe how Swedenborg managed, was he had more divine protection due to and for his mission to teach us more about how things are set up and work.

Conclusion its nothing like experiences of those that go deep into ndes, its far removed from it. It also had barriers around it, like an electromagnetic field, probably to keep them bound somewhere, cos they can’t behave themselves. 🌸 🌸 🌸

Divine Blessings 🌸

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When feathers appear, angels are near.

Unknown 🌸

Divine Archetypes 🌸

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What Jung would call the archetypes is the Jester that appears in lots of dmt experiences. Some on dmt have followed this jester, while others get a feeling not to and knew his smile was sinister . For some of those that did follow him they got stabbed!

This is where my research got strange months ago 🌸

When then months ago reading Swedenborg after starting research on his experiences he described in one of his many experiences of heaven and hell of meeting a jester and said he stabbed him! and that this Jester had been an assassin while alive.

Another Morden day experiences with 300 year gaps similar to Swedenborg accounts, so this makes me also feel that maybe when taking dmt they may go to what Swedenborg would call one of levels of hells, which esoteric would refer to as lower astral

Blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

Divine The Purpose of Death – Swedenborg πŸŒΈ

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Divinity 🌸

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The same thing comes up in comments sections. dmt is like an nde.

It may be like a dmt experience, but the difference being is dmt when taken or ‘even if present in the brain’ (theory) ..they have brain activity when taking it, so it probably completely throws the brains circuits into chaos, or they are transported into some low level astral light with brain activity on overdrive, Cos what they are seeing mostly seems like something out of an Alice in wonderland gone crazy experience.

While Some nde have no brain activity and are clinically dead. That’s where I’m open minded on the topic 🌸

My biggest question would be why do some people have ndes and not everybody? . I’m completely at a loss on that one and my guide is limited in these affairs, saying she can’t see everything and that I’d have to ask God. Chance would be a fine thing!

So research continues…..

Blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸