Hello there,

I’ve been learning, observing and studying spiritual realms from the age of nine, which is the age I first started becoming aware of the spiritual realms and my own spiritual guide who’s a sister of mercy.

My first encounter of Spirit was seeing an aura around my mother and asking her what the light was around her and then hearing my guides reply it was her aura! From then on I became aware of energy fields, electrics, spiritual beings and hearing messages to pass on to people through my guide.

I enjoy and have a passion for tarot, and have been a practicing clairvoyant, psychic for over 20 years,first working with a famous TV and Radio clairvoyant and then independently. I’ve had offers of TV and Radio work over the years, but always preferred to work behind the scenes to a dedicated clientele throughout my practicing years although its something i’m just starting to consider.

I have learnt the esoteric realms of the man/woman mystery through my spiritual friends of my main passion which is relationships and am able to tune into a relationship and gain thoughts, feelings and sense possible blocks within them.

I have had many encounters spiritually including on the passing of my grandfather hearing him in the kitchen banging plates about loudly! So am used to these realms and comfortable working in two worlds. Although practical things like remembering to buy a pint of milk can often go neglected!

On my webpage I have written some articles to pass on some of the knowledge I’ve learnt to give everyone a taste or understanding of relationships or tarot beginner tips and hope you will enjoy reading them. I will be writing some more articles at some point, but if anyone would like me to write about anything related to spirit or go more in-depth on something then suggestions will always be welcome although i’m still open to learning more.

Many thanks for visiting my web and have fun spiritual warriors

Warm regards
Clara X


One thought on “About

    Sue Connor said:
    December 3, 2015 at 6:58 am

    Very very interesting reading

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