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Archangel Chamuel.

He specialises in love relationships, assisting with emotional healing. Single he can assist you in finding a soulmate. Attached he can help you strengthen your relationship.


Rose Quarts is the colour of Love. It transmits a soft, soothing energy that teaches the true essence of Love.

It has a natural affinity with the Heart Chakra and the emotions, it deals with all the emotions of the heart, so assists us in developing all kinds of loving relationships. It is used as a talisman to attract a soul mate.


Can strengthen our empathic links with others and assist us in all our relationships, especially through traumatic life changing situations such as divorce, bereavement or job loss. Helps us to appreciate the loving relationship we already have in our life.

Mentally :

Soothing and comforting, stops the build up of feelings such as hatred, anger and hostility.


When you first use Rose Quarts it can sometimes bring up a lot of suppressed emotions, which it helps you acknowledge and release. Quickly dissolves the negative emotions of self~condemnation, low self~worth, self~loathing and selfishness. Releases aggressive behaviour patterns.


Opens the heart, which supports healing. Aids fertility..


Place on the Heart Chakra or any area of the body that has stored stress or pain wear Rose Quarts as a ring, pendant or necklace to see you through times of crisis.

Essential oils Archangel Chamuel

Inner Child

These essential oils summon to our side the angels that help resolve, heal and strengthen all of our relationships. These loving angels help us to reconnect with our inner child to bring about deep healing, comfort and forgiveness. They help cleanse issues of past abuse, abandonment and neglect. Use the following essential oils :

Benzoin°Chamomile° frankincense, Geranium°Hyacinth°Lavender° mandarin°Melissa° Neroli° Rose otto.

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