Month: November 2019

Divinely Inspired Pure Clairvoyance & Angelic Readings 🌸

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By Clara 🌸

Psychic Clairvoyant Since birth. 25 yrs experience.

I do pure spiritual readings using no tools, working with my guardian angel nun to receive direct messages from the angelic realms.

I have published articles In many spiritual magazines over the years, starting out 25 yrs ago, working for a Celebrity tv and radio Clairvoyant for many years, where I also read for Celebrities myself, before eventually giving a reading for another Celebrity Psychic with their own Sky Show, and offered my own TV work.

I’d already become an Independent reader by 2004, gaining my own clients while advertising in spiritual magazines, clients ive been reading for over many years, so decided to turn tv work down to continue with the clients I was starting to do reading for.

I Paint angels often and am currently working on my own Angel Oracle Cards
Which will soon be available for purchase.

I highlight angels mostly due to my own guardian angels wish for me to give the angels a divine platform.

I do phone readings only, due to the clients from my magazine advertising living afar and keeping me busy.

For an Indepth Psychic Clairvoyant reading Call me directly on 07772049479.

I also offer angel reading for same fees.

Fees £30 For 30min Payment Credit/Debit Card Only.

Divine Angelic Light and blessings 💕

Divine Angelic Lights 🌸

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If we have only good intentions towards our neighbours, though, think only good thoughts about them, and actually do good when we can, we’re associating with Angelic spirits and become angels ourselves in the other life.

Emanual Swedenborg

Divine Angelic Service 🌸

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The more heavenly goodness an angel gives to another from the affection of kindness, the more flows into that angel from the goodness of heaven, that is, from the Lord, so by ‘giving to one that asks’ an angel is not deprived of goods, but is enriched with them.

Emanual Swedenborg

Divine Angels 🌸

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In proportion to their love and eagerness for service they are enlightened there and are in the light of wisdom, they perform their duties in the place or on the level appropriate to their discernment, the equivalent to their love of service in the common good.

Emanual Swedenborg.

Divine Angelic Connection 🌸

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All our longing for what is loving and true reach out into heaven. They put us in touch with angels who are feeling the same way and unite us with them.

Emanual Swedenborg 💕

Divine Angelic Realms 🌸

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Angel of God My guardian dear To whom His love commits me here Ever this day Be at my side To light and Guard To rule and guide.

Amen 💕