Divine Life 🌸

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💕 Yet again my boyfriend has fallen out on same topic marriage.

I Do not want to marry. I’m fed up with this topic just when you think it’s gone there it is again. I know it’s not marriage itself which is pretty standard for Christians and Jesus and Swedenborg all have an extremely strong view of it being blessed, no its me I can’t do it.. I think I’m abnormal in some way because the thought of having a ring on my finger being possessed and feeling owned makes me feel extremely claustrophobic, and like I want to throw up.

Last time it was talked about I actually fainted.

It would ruin my creative flow both with work where I help others in their relationships and in my general need to be separate and also like to focus on my spiritual progress. I’ve never warmed to marriage. 💕

I like to finish things on a positive note. 💕 Where there is still respect and good will.

I am just not conventional in the slightest anything I feel I should do turns me into a rebellious teen. I feel better writing about it and reflecting because I’ve been suppressing it for over a year now. I’m feeling a great relief to have finally made a decision and can now sleep more peacefully. 💕

Divine Blessings 🌸 💕 🌸 💕

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