The Death of “Near Death”: Even If Heaven Is Real, You Aren t Seeing It πŸŒΈ

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I’ve very little doubt on concluding my near death research that if ketomine is involved it’s the reason for the visions.

This article is spot on with its statements backed by a wealth of other scientific research.

I’ve spoke to people who have had their lives flash in front of them when nowhere near death and all the symptoms of ndes can be recreated in clinical or recreational experiments,

Which concludes that nobody in these situations are experiencing death or heavenly glimpses, but a cocktail of powerful chemicals in the brain and the ‘feels more real than here’ often reported is more areas of the brain activating in different parts. πŸ’•

My guide always mentioned ‘they are not dead they haven’t even left earth realm πŸ’• Science is one up on this topic.

I do believe there are different Realms as many experiences of them, but in regards to the actual Afterlife accounts themselves I’ll continue to study Swedenborg’s historic accounts as my guide seems to be quite smitten with him, like she’s found her other half in the Afterlife lol. πŸ’• 🌸 πŸ’• 🌸

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