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I’d like to see more research into near death experiences. I’d like to have scientific research that eliminates any possibilities of other factors causing some.

In order to carry out better research there should be only studies into ndes where there is no brain damage prior and no chemical induced ones (not so much dmt) but ketomine which is used on patients often, and can explain most ndes where a patient is on it ~’as ndes rendered useless for proof of supernatural causes’.

Add other factors, but those are the two above that would be a really good start for scientific research more focused on the groups where above is not applicable.

Research even now within these studies are underfunded, chaotic and disorganised with no clear structures or record keeping.

Eventhough when the memory is drug induced it still promotes the two commandments, ‘must be hard wired’ , but studies need more focus in specialist areas without doubt.

Blessings πŸ’•

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