Divine The Sad, Disturbing Truth Behind Mother Teresa πŸŒΈ

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https://youtu.be/m4a26OwMrzY πŸ’•

My guide says St Mother Teresa is in heaven. She must have done the Lords work regardless of not having all the right training or tools.

I mean these children would be left on the streets if deformed to die, so any help was a blessing. πŸ’• What would have happened to those left to die if they had remained on the streets? No saint tersea is a role model of the divine recieved by humans πŸ’•

This video is almost hinting at fraud and that is extremely slanderous. If her account was keeping the Vatican bank afloat that would have been to benefit all the countless other charities, hospitals and so on worldwide most probably. Either way if there was any corruption it wouldn’t have been her doing so. My guide believes Pope Francis would fit well into heaven too. Its all the divine intentions to help others I guess. πŸ’•

Swedenborg says in order to like heaven you have to want to be in service to others, I believe she went beyond this and like countless others that benefit the masses are rewarded. I can understand her spiritual emptiness.

It’s hard sometimes to believe anyone’s there through our human filters, but Swedenborg has chapters on why that is and discusses it, which I’m still studying in parts. Offthelefteye has videos I uploaded on my page a while back that also goes into this more deeply.

Divine blessingsπŸ’• 🌸 πŸ’• 🌸

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