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Some people believe it is hard to lead the heaven~bound life that is called “Spiritual” because they have heard that we need to renounce the world and give up the desires attributed to the body and the flesh and “live spiritually”.

All they understand by this is spurning worldly interests, especially concerns for money and prestige, going around in constant devout meditation about God, salvation, and eternal life, devouring their lives to prayer, and reading the word and religious literature.

They think this is renouncing the world and living for the Spirit, and not for the flesh. However, the actual case is quite different, as I have learned from an abundance of experience and conversation with angels. In fact, people who renounce the world and live for the Spirit in this fashion take on a mournful life for themselves, a life that is not open to heavenly Joy, since our life does remain with us (after death).

No, if we would accept heaven’s life, we need by all means to live in the world and participate in its duties and affairs. In this way, we accept a Spiritual Life by means of our moral and civic life, and there is no other way a spiritual life can be formed within us, no other way our spirit’s can be prepared for heaven.

This is because living an inner life and not an outer life at the same time is like living in a house that has no foundation, that gradually either settles or develops gaping cracks or trotters until it collapses.

Emanual Swedenborg ๐Ÿ’•

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