Month: August 2019

Divine Weekends 🌸

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Hope everyone is enjoying this fine weekend. Blessings πŸ’•

Divine Misunderstandings 🌸

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“An angel is a spiritual creature created by God for the service of Christendom and the church”.

Martin Luther

Note🌸 Angels actually were around in ancient times long before Christianity or the Church existed and one thing they are not is sectarian in nature.

Angels will come to anyone’s aid regardless of their beliefs because the nature is influenced by the divine unconditionally in the love for all. Also everyone is born with a guardian angel every single person alive. πŸ’• 🌸 πŸ’• 🌸 πŸ’• 🌸

Divine Afterlife 🌸

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At nineteen when I nearly died I may have ended up for a short time with a group of dancers there.

This is because although I’d left a gas fire on and my mother being a sensitive was alerted by souls in the Afterlife that I was in danger,’ so was able to prevent my sure passing’ Fred astaire turned up.

Later when I told my story and said well mother said one soul that turned up looked like Fred astaire dressed in sparkly silver and looking at his watch, she interrupted and said “no it didn’t look like Fred astaire, it was Fred astaire!. So Swedenborg’s experiences are not too ‘out there’ to me. Lol

Divine Blessings 🌸 πŸ’• 🌸 πŸ’•