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Divine Where Dreams Come From ๐ŸŒธ

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This is why I’m so pleased with Swedenborg. I can relate experiences with his divine teachings.

I have had many prophetic dreams that have come true ๐ŸŒธ As well as spoken to spirits in dreams.

The one where I had a witness, is most interesting though.

My mother wanted to go to Bath for her birthday, and so I booked a vintage beautiful hotel for a few nights.

As a clairvoyant I’m used to being half in this world and half in spirit. Its normal for me, so I was not surprised that on walking up the hill at night to get to this hotel something tapped me on shoulder.

We had the attic room at the top, and I remember it had a beautiful staircase.

The same night ‘I was visited by ten spirits’ . I was sleeping, but clearly saw them by the reception all queued up in a line. They were dressed in old georgian clothes, but looked very well dressed, one having those lace umbrellas.

The man in the front of queue, looking like he was’ in charge’ said to the group “We are going to the top of the stairs to meet a psychic lady, She is a bit mad but harmless”. I then saw them all coming up the stairs.

When I woke in morning and made me and my mother some teas, she said to me” who were you speaking with all night”? so I replied with a sigh ” Its my first night in Bath and ten spirits turned up to speak with me”, and repeated to her what the man had said, “but I have no idea what the rest of the conversation was, as the introduction is all I remember and them walking up the stairs”.

I then asked her if she could hear what I was saying? , and she couldn’t as’ it wasn’t clear’, only that it seemed I was deep in conversation, and it went on most of the night. ๐ŸŒธ

I thought nothing more of it until we took a hop on hop off bus around Bath, and half way through the tour guide pointed out to a bridge calling it ‘The Half Penny Bridge’ . I laughed and said to my mother “certainly not looking like the one in Dublin is it? “. before hearing the guide finish with “In 17th ‘something’ ten people walked over the bridge on their way to the theatre when the bridge collapsed and all drowned” . Both me and my mother stopped laughing and turned pale. I’m like I was talking to dead people all night !

Blessings ๐Ÿฅ€

Divine shock ๐ŸŒธ

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So Saturday in Broad daylight I was shocked to see a fox climb over our fence while my hen was in her outdoor brand new coop.

I am very frightened of foxes, dogs, wolfs and anything dog like, ‘unless miniature teacup size with a soppy look on its face’, but ran outside shouting at fox cos hen outside.

I then got my hen from run and took her into her indoor coop. She kept harping on, ‘having a go,’ while I calmed her stress, giving her every one of her treats that I could find, letting her know she was inside, door locked and safe. ‘animals and birds are telepathic~ so I learned from an animal communicator youtube videos, this is best way to communicate, and also have used this method with her for years, and usually works.

I decided not to let her out for several days, and on the third day put her outside ‘only for one hour’ to get some fresh air and so I could clean her indoor pantry coop she sleeps in at night. When I went outside over to her runner, a black cat was on the fence and as usual my hen kicked off, so I got the cat to jump over another fence and called her out of her outdoor coop into the run area, several times I called her out but she was going mad still, so I was like what is wrong ? I then heard thumping and it went quiet, at that point I thought something is seriously wrong.

I should have before that as her usual distress call ‘when grassing up cats passing her territory over the years’ was different this time, much more a sound like a bunch of crows going ballistic. Yet I couldn’t think what it was, but it wasn’t right, and I felt whatever I’d be met with was going to be downright freaky, and decided to open the extremely heavy top roof of the coop and lo had the shock of my life!

A fox was upstairs in coop and my hen was next to it, head down and clumps of feathers everywhere with the fox looking up at me inches away from my face, I didn’t know if she was dead at that point, all I could think of was I’ve got to get this fox out of the coop away from her so screamed the street down and banged the roof up and down till it fled. I then lifted up the side latch and she came over to me, with her beak open, breathing shallow in utter shock.

I decided to wait and not move her into the carrier and let her calm a bit before she was ready to go in herself, which took over half an hour, and all that time I’m plagued with visions of the fox coming back up the ladder and attacking both of us!. ‘Like these flashes of horror like scenarios’ , as we were both sitting ducks at this point, unable to move.

Nobody was around at time as away , so I’m just standing there guarding her. Eventually she hopped up into the carrier, and I brought her inside and let her calm down, but noticed her limping, as well as lack of feathers.

After a shot of straight brandy (for myself)

I booked a cab and took her to vet… Cat and dog one, no specialist in hens in city with vets, and same one I’d had her sister put down in, so was worried that was last journey we’d ever have again! He checked her over and she has three wounds and broken leg. I was given anti biotic to take home, and she had a pain killer injection.

I decided to book another appointment tonight because the vet was not great, and due to not understanding hens was hinting ‘shall we just put her down’.

Receptionist said a ‘bird specialist’ would be in next day and I could book another appointment with the bird specialist, as I was paying the several hundred pounds for’ not much at all’ for the first visit.

I don’t believe for one minute the veterinary has a ‘bird specialist’ , but desperate I’ve booked another appointment anyway. ๐ŸŒธ

I would like them to tend the wounds, place a splinter on her leg and do what the first vet should have done, another pain killer injection and some to take home, as that’s what I’m most afraid of, her in pain. Today I looked at her and she has not touched her food and drink. She looks utterly traumatised. I will need syringes to give her water, however I’m in two minds if I should have her put to rest. I can attend the wounds to heal, but if she is in pain, unless after further injections she can have further pain killers that I can take home

I don’t want her suffering. I feel like if she does recover I would never let her out again. Basically it’s putting a meal out for foxes. On investigation I found out how the fox got in.

It basically broke all wire around the runner attached to the coop and pushed it so it could get into the coop to attack her. This wire was strong ‘not mesh’ really strong and yet it still managed it, must have been how it got out as well, and must have literally pushed past my legs to get out and I was so crazy trying to get it away, didn’t notice its escape.

Moral of story Do Not get hens. These foxes will just keep coming back and can get through anything, and on research have killed many, as I’ve read up and they have been able to get through the most fort knox security and kill whole flocks. I will never get hens again after this. It is not worth it. Foxes from the park would only eat them.

She is five, and she and her sister Pip RIP, had a fox get at them years ago, but it didn’t get in in time before I rushed out, yet it still managed to take half their feathers off anyway, and one ended up without her eyesight through Mr Fox pulling her head through the tiniest runner bars ever,’ I’d have not thought it humanly possible if I’d not seen it for myself’ !.I don’t blame the foxes as they can’t go to supermarket, or open a tin of baked beans, but My word not good for our lil furry knickers pets to be on receiving end. You just wouldn’t wish it on worst enemy. So a warning for those who keep chickens to be very alert, but also realise nothing is fox proof and the most secure are no match for a hungry fox.

Blessings ๐Ÿฅ€


As expected, when I asked vet if she was the ‘bird ๐Ÿฆ specialist’ I’d booked, she replied “I’m not a bird specialist, I just have an interest in birds”. Surprised!. She has given her three injections, two anti biotic and another pain relief injection.

Also some pain relief to take home. She wouldn’t give me anti biotic to take home as they are a further ยฃ66 and she doesn’t obviously think she will last till tomorrow, as she said if tomorrow she is alive I can then come and pick them up. She then said she could keep her there for a few days for ยฃ260 to observe her and give her other injections and if it looks not good they can put her down. I felt they would definately do that anyway’ if she staid’, so said ill give her the pain killers in morning she’s given me for home and check myself.

So will see tomorrow, and have booked another appointment for Saturday.

She is now eating grapes and watermelon that I cut up and put in front of her, and I placed a lil cup of water by her, so hopefully she will survive. It a miracle she has survived so far.

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She has had her medication, and some more fruit. I remember when waiting for taxi that a white feather ‘sign of an angel’ yesterday in the โ˜”stuck in the middle of the backdoor window eye level, I was observing it for ages. So she’s going to pull through yay. ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ

Update today she looked like she was meditating to the Angelic Music I was playing her.. I then worried she wouldn’t wake up again, so switched to the beatles.. She looked startled.