Divine Meditations

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Are we worthy?

When we cut ourselves our body is quick to heal those cuts.

Our bodies work in union to help us live in it as painlessly as possible, in order to carry on living in it.

We do not have to fight to breathe.

This acknowledgement helps create gratitude, and worthiness in ourselves.

If we had to think about all these functions and do them, we would fail.

When we understand the nature of the angels and God.. We see evidence in ourselves all the time of his nature.

When we sleep all our cells are renewed.

And on the list goes in gratitude.

Like our bodies though things can break down, and that’s the same with our spirit.

We can begin to believe this sometimes toxic societies conditioning equals ~cruelty and unfairness.

If we internalise all the things that go wrong, we start to detach from reality, our true nature.

Then we can take on the burdens as if our own.

Truth is to be made in the image of God means your worthy.

The fact you were made at all means you are worthy.

You not only have a body that works endlessly serving you.

You have angels available to help you, and the Lord himself.

Do not believe in the darkness saying you are not worthy, or highlighting all the wrongs you may have done, or others do.

Your body never judges you… It never says “you know what, you lost your temper today so next time you accidently cut yourself you can forget me healing your wounds”.

This is also how angels work spiritually.

Highlighting things you don’t like about yourself is only a tool to help you change things, not as a way to indulge judgements on yourself.

Remember if God loves you, and God is love as demonstrated all around.

You owe it to yourself to love yourself too. If you don’t it will be difficult to love others.

When you find it difficult to love yourself and others,

Meditate on these simple yet amazing things to build a belief in worthiness in yourself, others, and the divine creator.

Experience real Joy and awe sometimes.


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