Month: April 2019

Divine Prayers

Posted on Updated on I agree the political right first (Christian optional) obsessive need to constantly go after their political Opponents does take away the evil of the tragic events where so many innocent people lost their lives. This is another political attempt.

I don’t believe Obama was coming from ill intentions. As a Christian I don’t feel offended by politicians words. I’m more upset for those who have lost their lives, and for their families. Seeing children targeted in the attacks for their faith is absolutely awful.

The political right will always narcissisticly take any event or tragedy and make it about their group identity.. The left do this at times too. Its these ideologies that cause such violence. Sometimes the left try to oppress them so not to incite more hate.. That’s understandable when most don’t know the difference between Muslims and terrorist, and spend a great deal of time fighting each other over who can scream the loudest on political fronts ….

Well newsflash at the moment it’s the innocent who lost their lives that are in need of divine prayers and world focus , and their families that have to Bury their loved ones… Show at least some respect for others or empathy.

A thought that someone else’s suffering isn’t about You!. You are in no way suffering like them.

A Christian knows they are a christian.

Do they need politicians to show you your one?. No wonder we don’t have enough divine Love streaming in…. These people are all appearance, correct wording and hopelessly lost in political scoring and fighting..

Blessing to France for honouring the victims a really touching empathic show of empathy and love.


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Our Guardian Angels are our most faithful friends, because they are with us day and night, always and everywhere. We ought to invoke them. St John Vianney.

I strongly believe one of the reasons a lot of saints ended up saints, is because they called upon divine angelic assistance daily… None of this ‘oh I can do it all on my own… I’m a one man/women mission’

Divine Wisdom

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It is impossible to see an angel unless you first have a notion of it.

James Hillman.

Divine Faith

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Jesus before healing would ask the recipient if they believed he could heal them first?

He made it perfectly clear if someone doesn’t believe then it wouldn’t work

Same with the amount of angelic assistance recieved.

Don’t believe in angels, They can’t collectively assist you.

That’s a divine Jesus scriptural teaching. Throughout the Gospels.


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Millions of angels are at God’s command.

Billy Graham

Divine Angels

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Thank you bringing the importance of angels back into christianity. When they decided angels were not needed or evil spirits.

Worst mistake ever

These angelic beings can divert all manner of things, Heaven is continuously holding back the worst for us.

Swedenborg saw a single angel blast away a hundred bad spirits.. That’s how powerful they are

Bringing in angelic Helpers is exactly what they were created for..

Most for a very long time have been wandering around redundant. This has allowed the spiritual dark to overpower

Get the angels out of hiding and back where they belong.

Billy Graham was excellent at speaking about and writing about divine Angels RIP

Divine Beauty

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May you hear the gentle whisper of your angel guidance.. Nudging you in the direction of greater love, joy and abundance.

Melanie Beckler


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The greatest gift of Easter is hope ~Christian hope which makes us have that confidence in God, in his ultimate triumph, and in his goodness and love, which nothing can shake.

Basil Hume.

Divine Love

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Be good. This will make your angel happy.
When sorrows and misfortunes, physical or spiritual,
afflict you, turn to your guardian angel
with strong trust and he will help you.

Ask your angel
to console and assist you,
in your last moments.

Be ever more convinced that,
your guardian angel is really present,
that he is ever at your side.
St Frances of Rome always saw him
standing before her,
his arms clasped at his breast,
his eyes uplifted to Heaven
but at the slightest failing,
he would cover his face as if in shame
and at times,
turn his back to her!