Month: February 2019

Divine Privacy 🌸

Posted on Updated on πŸ’•He is selling a book. πŸ’•

I doubt its that high, and as the polish priest dismissed said ‘no gay lobby ‘in Vatican 🌸

Laity should only concern themselves with the priests duties of the eurachrist not the priests sexuality. Private and none of our business. 🌸

We must keep focus on Jesus and the sacrament. In a way at least we are all human and all in need of grace. Comforting as we strive to know God. 🌸 🌸 🌸

Golu lodhi πŸ’•

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Heart Seed πŸ’•

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What Is Late-Term Abortion? Trump Got It Wrong πŸ’•

Posted on πŸ’• Thank you I’ve learnt scientists say a fetus can’t feel pain till 24 weeks, and I’ve learnt that the term late term refers to ‘past expected due date’

and also learnt its very rare, around 1 per cent. 🌸

So why the need to PUSH it then. This is infanticide

and its on my list of one of the many immoral things going on today. 🌸

Whether a child has a condition or not it can only be considered infanticide.

I really hope non religious people object to this.

I wonder what kind of people are running the show, when a baby about to be born isn’t seen as a baby with seperate rights

and this article hasn’t enlightened me any further as to why its acceptable. 🌸 🌸 🌸