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The light beyond Raymond moody 🌸I enjoyed this book, and managed to read it in one night.. 🌸 It also brings in NDE feed back from children, who have not been exposed in way ~adults have to various topics. 🌸 Very refreshing research, that will leave you wondering about NDEs. Some NDEs challenge our concepts of religion, in the sense that while those that would deem themselves as very religious, felt a more enlightened or different perceptive towards God, after their experiences… 🌸 “one NDEer I spoke to had been a minister of the fire and brimstone variety. It wasn’t infrequent, he said, for him to tell his congregation that if they didn’t believe the Bible in a certain way, they would be condemned to burn eternally. When he went through his NDE he said the being of light told him not to speak to his congregation like this anymore. But it was done in a non demanding way. The being just implied that what he was doing was making the lives of his congregation miserable. When this preacher returned to the pulpit, he did so with a message of love, not fear. ” 🌸

A very succinent and thought~provoking account of this attitude was given to me by a man who had studied at a seminary before his NDE.

” My doctor told me I “died” during surgery. But I told him that I came to life. I saw in that vision what a stuck up ass I was with all that theory, looking down on everyone who wasn’t a member of my denomination or didn’t subscribe to the theological beliefs that I did. A lot of people I know are going to be surprised when they find out that the Lord isn’t interested in theology. He seems to find some of it amusing, as a matter of fact, because he wasn’t interested at all in anything about my denomination. He wanted to know what was in my heart” 🌸

Raymond moody also explains why scientific explanation for NDEs are not many of the things they say are the reasons for it… 🌸

I guess we all will find out one day, but there is no denying, that across many hospitals, there is way too many files on patients of all ages, different cultures, and beliefs ~reporting these experiences blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

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