Divine Gratefulness 🌸

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Thank you God for Raymond Moody.. 🌸 I love this work so much ‘~The more I read, the more my soul ignites, and wakes up, and the more I feel blessed to reignite the hope that felt for a while dim… Its like meeting a familiar friend again after all these years, and being wrapped up in truth, love and wisdom~ that was a distant memory to me for a while~ These books are the most important books one could ever read.. For they give us so much Joy, and a real sense of bringing back the present in our lives, the moments of Joy and a new fresh awareness to our world… Looking at our beautiful world again, with fresh eyes and our senses taking in all the beauty and wonder of it.. 🌸 Angels rejoicing, and helping us to discover ourselves and God again… We are blessed for his works truly, and all those fabulous hospice nurses, and all those people who take the time to Give us a glimpse into so many experiences… They should have many talks, seminars and books 📚 on these things, it really is inspiring just how lovely life can be, and how comforting that our loved ones move on to a beautiful place full of light, love and happiness…

Although Raymond moody says no one in his clinical researches has yet reported in any of their experiences a heaven or a hell (Of course hell isn’t real) … Its still described as a beautiful place, and what a gift our life is here… and how important love is… Will write a review of light beyond, when I’ve finished it ~but been out and about in between, its like something in me doesn’t want to ever finish these books because they are that pleasing to my soul… Warm blessings readers 🌸

Note of warning to readers of NDEs. 🌸 Look to the authentic ones, the researchers, the anoyomous collections to stay in the authentic research.. Avoid youtube hell experiences, and some, not all but some individual accounts, in books with only one author… 🌸

‘The soul instinctively knows what’s good for it, and what it needs to move away from, listen to yourself’ Clara 🌸 🌸 🌸

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