Divine time 🌸

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This is a subject that my mind can’t fully grasp, and none of our minds can. 🌸 How can we see future events~ before they happen, and then watch it unfold. How can we see a past event we were not a witness to.. Its bigger than energy.. The ability of receiving another’s energy is local… Like knowing who is about to ring before they do, is just their energy process connecting to yours, and you receiving it.. Time is different. 🌸

My guide has tried to explain it in various ways but its not something we can fully understand here. 🌸 She once waved incense, and as I coughed, a friend also coughed at same time.. That’s just one example of how it works… While saying~ it isn’t as we understand it.

I’ll try though… Our guides are not governed by our earthly time.. On a certain level they are not bound to a past, present or future in the way we seem to be. 🌸 They are connected to a realm that is universal and without any limitations. They are able to see past, present and future all running at the same time.. Yes all running at the exact same time. So they can give future events and messages that have not even happened here for us.. 🌸

People do get these messages, if receptive and very important… Like I had a client, that was booked for a flight to go on holiday, and received an immediate message to cancel her flight… She thought it may have been a terrorist attack on boxing day, so cancelled and what happened was the tsunami, and she would have been most likely killed if she had gone but the message was so strong, it saved her life. 🌸

When 9/11 happened, I’d had a warning several months before, as it was when I was planning to visit.. however it didn’t give exact reference.. It just showed me tall buildings, and glass shattering… Lots of people had warning ~including lots that didn’t show up for work that morning.. Feeling sick or disturbed… This actually is a form of communication that goes on between us and the different realms all the time, but we are so absorbed and busy in our local environment, and distractions, some can’t receive it or ignore it, while others can and act or don’t act on it.

🌸 Back to time… In the guides realms it doesn’t exist… Or if it exists, it runs at exactly the same time, the past present and future… That is how humans are able to receive things, not just in future, but messages in our past… Yes exactly same time. I don’t understand it either.. I know very little on how time in that realm works, but all I do know, is time as we know it isn’t anything like what your guide would call time…

When a client presses me further on this, I am lost as to explain any further than that… It really is beyond our comprehension.. I have a diary, and am used to our idea of time. Blessings 🌸🌸 🌸

One thought on “Divine time 🌸

    ajeanneinthekitchen said:
    December 19, 2018 at 6:59 pm

    Very interesting.

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