Does the devil rule the world? ðŸŒ¸

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He sure does as the bible correctly quotes.. 🌸 🌸 🌸

Along with the warning to be careful of the devil who roams about devouring souls.

We only have to look around at all the death and destruction to see who is in charge. 🌸

Pope Francis said the devil’s tools are division and money.

I decided to go on YouTube while recovering from the flu and noticed Fox news and political conservatives laying into him. Was I surprised? of course not.

The ‘ fruits’ of politics has caused ongoing wars, displacement of a historical number causing mass immigration globally, created global terror, run up trillions of debts that they have put on the public and the future generation to pay off for the privilege and created a death toll that are six figure over.

Why you might ask… Well money of course profit for the few at the expense of the many. 🌸

None of the devil’s tricks are new, his as predictable as tax…. This is where its easy to be smart and not get caught out by him

How do they stay in power? Psychological warfare, twisting facts and creating or exploiting potential divisions.. They are better at it than the other party and employ political poster boys to complain about say how pathetic the left are.

All media is owned by billionaires whose interest in keeping these conflicts going amounts to a wealthy few making even more money from the public.

Nothing new.

The interesting thing I found is how the news went after Pope Francis and sees him as a threat to their political interests of money and division.

Now I’ve followed Pope Francis for years and know all his done to rid corruption in the church but these reports were sheer lies.

Why? because he can’t be bought by them, he can’t be corrupted, they can’t get him on their side.. He stands against all the human misery they inflict in the world, all the greed and his integrity is of the upmost because he doesn’t just follow christ he positively lives the gospels and is a role model to billions of catholics.

They can’t buy him or corrupt him his not on the world rulers side his a Man of God and he means it! 🌸

They will keep going for him and have done since he was elected because that’s what the father of lies is like.. Just keeps trying to take the holiest soul with bribes and if they doesn’t work throws further lies so people will believe it and also without realising sell their souls to the devil too.

Pope Francis knows you can’t make a pact with the devil… So the political devil’s go after him.

I even commented on one political pimp that questioning a man of God with the upmost integrity from a political party that has done nothing but create destruction is satan for real? 🌸

Unfortunately very real and wishes the light to not take on all the darkness.. The light of peace, hope, love, unity, healing and honesty needs to be snuffed out at all costs.. People simply must not have any hope that the world can get less sick and heal.. He (Satan) must keep his strong grip on the world and violence in it at all costs. 🌸

If there is any threat to this status quo he must be defiled and banished by lies and contempt. 🌸

Another reason though is because the political left quite like him, and are quite sympathetic to him because his a real man of a god, love, peace, healing and bringing hope to the world.

That has created even more of a threat so his now used as a political pawn against their tiresome games of winning souls. 🌸

Who do you follow in the world? A man who brings the fruits of the holy spirit, peace, love, healing, a stand against greed and people over profit and fights the devil with doing good in the world.

Or the children of their father the father of all lies that comes only to Rob, steal and murder.. 🌸

I know my ongoing choice, the devil may take down as many souls in the world as he can but mine like Pope Francis can’t be bought with blood money or any other tools he has.

I admire Pope Francis so much for his standing up to the devil and his smartness the love just gets stronger every day 🌸

Amen and love Jesus with all your heart.. Cling to what’s good and very much alive. 🌸 🌸 🌸

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