Indrid cold 🌸 🌸 🌸

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I wouldn’t personally think the guy that met him was too strange. I had a strange encounter myself in 1997.

He was human looking with black hair and blue eyes and wore a blue boiler suit.🌸

He called me over to my window telepathically and had a black box in his hand with a red dot going across it.

As our eyes met he carefully placed his fingers over the device….

This was after seeing a metalic triangle stopping with three gold lights in center…

It Knew it was being observed which is why it stopped… Think that guy had something to do with it as saw red dot several times on my window after and saw a red ball in sky…

I wonder if he was like indrid cold. I never spoke to him.

I asked my guide who he was hoping she would silence my mind but she said ..not from here…. That made me pray to Jesus because I didn’t want to be abducted, although I felt no hostile from him at all…

He seemed very calm, focused and really Harmless. I didn’t even feel slightly afraid as it all felt quite normal at time 🌸 🌸 🌸

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