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Although there are many pairing that show abuse I’ll do a few pairings that you might want to note individually and look at in the celtic cross to see if other abuse pairing are present. . 🌸🌸🌸

The first pair could relate to religious abuse or domestic..


The hiephant and nine of swords…/ wands.

The hiephant is about authority and authority figures usually of the church so could relate to clergy or anybody who shows characteristics like this card like a very religious spouse or cult leader.

This card also represents teaching and passing on teachings but usually within a religious organizational building or setting.

Abuse is not something that usually happens suddenly..Usually it will start with grooming for a long time until the abuser feels confident that they have worked on lowering your esteem enough to attack and with the nine of swords It’s clearly showing someone who has psychologically been groomed for a long time and is now showing signs of complete psychological distress ~this is a card where a person’s mental health has been so damaged over time they are even suffering nightmares.

The hiephant has used psychological manipulation in order to groom the victim.

The hiephant is in a position of trust and authority so in personal relationships it could indicate a father figure older person that believes in tradition and is very stern and black and white thinking. A rigid control freak that is in the business of control and power.

Such control could be used on the victim in ways that get them to doubt their own judgements or reality.

‘ I’m a messenger of God, a prophet, I know everything and if you act like that you will go to hell and if you don’t listen to me and jesus words you will live in sin and spend eternal life in the devil’s room and spiritual fire.’

This isn’t so much about caring if another does go to hell as the groomer is the one who is abusing their audience by controlling their thoughts and using fear tactics in order to gain control. This is in order to break down a person’s reality and own sense of worth and promote fear and doubt in themselves. They may say rely on God but what they really mean is rely on me and what I say about who God is and what he is and how I’ve interpreted it specifically for my human nature to dominate you with. This can also indicate cults or anywhere where spiritual teachings are. Or religious partners if domestic.

Remember you are there through free will and its a mutual thing or with a partner not a dictatorship that is meant to control your very being but a learning experience. It’s should feel inspiring not feel coerced.

Often abusers gravitate to positions where they can have maximum power over masses of people and what more power than to have others believe you are responsible for their very soul. This is why we are seeing abuse scandals so often in religious organizations historical abuse for hundreds of years….all coming out. 🌸

That not to say abuse isn’t in lots of other organizations but the pull to this pairing is its the best for psychological grooming and abuse to occur.

Scandals have been exposed in extreme orthodox settings and fractions of the religions.

If this pairing comes up either it’s abuse of a trusted religious authority or someone representing authority. Either way it’s an imbalance of power which attracts narcissists and abusers in large numbers.. Which is why its quoted in the top five vocations for narcissists.

The nine of swords is without a doubt being psychologically victimised which is the most powerful way to groom someone…If other certain pairings are there it will also show if a person is also being physically abused too.

Swords also represent verbal attacks using words. So the grooming will mostly be using words as weapons in order to break down the person’s will and get them used to verbal abuse so it starts appearing like normal language but they will always show an air of control and authority with hints of threats.

‘Do as I say or eles’ as always with abuse it can start in such a subtle way that the victim probably will not be able to even see it happening especially if the eight and Ten of swords is in the spread too or they have the five of wands around them representing a hostile environment. If the two house cards are present its domestic abuse setting with a religious/cult spouse. House cards four of wands and ten of pentacles (family control in religious or cult settings) communal living like cult communities with spiritual or religious teachings/ living.

In a relationship reading while there are many pairs that can represent abuse this pair doesn’t need any other pairings to call out the abuse and alert the victim to it.

If the devil is also represent with this and while some see it as an abuse card also I’ve found it more related to addictions especially with cup cards for alcohol or other elements for substance… However if it is supporting these cards it can suggest that the victim can leave the abusive situation and is not completely trapped

‘If happening say in a church or particular environment can change and no longer go’

If it has certain other cards though and certain wands and pentacles it can indicated lack of escape like if its at a place where you are reliant on money and accommodation.

If this is a relationship you are trapped in and even if it takes forever to realise that this is abuse… as abusers are not upfront in the beginning they use grooming for a long time first when they have a target in mind… These cards are asking you to spot the early signs.

Do you feel the other is psychologically controlling and telling you how you should think, act what to do and how you should feel.

Do they use threatening language as if its normal and using a higher authority (God or another deity to get you to comply)

Do they constantly use criticism and get you to only focus on your behaviour and never their own

Do they ask for input or discourage critical thinking~my way is correct and don’t ever question it or use your own thoughts.

Do they gaslight you and play victim after all this verbal abuse and turn it around, calling you the one who is the abusive one if you try to defend yourself.

Do you feel you can’t do anything or make decisions without asking their permission or have fear due to consequences.

Do you feel you are questioning your own sanity as their reality has put the guilt and blame on you despite their constant attacks.

By the time it becomes the nine of swords it’s so bad that this person is having insomnia and extreme anxiety and are in a state of turmoil. They can’t psychologically function in a stable way the damage has been so focused for so long it’s become a systematic way.

If you get this pairing and spot any other in your relationship.. first recognise this isn’t normal behaviour this is abuse and the very least you can do is move away from it if you are able to with the devil card, eight of swords and others pairings showing this is possible. It may not be physical abuse but there are several types of abuse psychological, emotional and physical.

All are recognised as domestic violence against another and unlawful.

If you start feeling you are being controlled and your mind is no longer your own private space and is being controlled by the other its a clear warning and a sign that it could later turn physical as well once the psychological has been achieved and the victim becomes confused and reliant on the abuser.

Abuse is completely unacceptable in any relationship. It’s ongoing and the longer it continues the worse it gets… Hoping you don’t also get the tower cards with the king of swords /wands with it or in reversal as they indicate abuse too.

There are many more pairing for abusive relationships but these are a few for now.

Love yourself first and ask the angels to repair your self esteem and psychological well being so you can start to heal and walk away to decent persons who know what a relationship is and would never use abuse towards others and you. But first recognise this is in no way normal blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

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