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Eight of swords ๐ŸŒธBondage ๐ŸŒธ This is a card Ive probably been most familiar with when I did past readings on my relationships, so can truly empathise with others if this has come up in their tarot readings too in past.

This could relate to an ongoing situation within the relationship or an outright continuous thought process within one.

The surrounding cards will show which it is.

This card is telling you you feel trapped within the relationship or the situation.

It is a warning card that requires peeling away the layers and identifying why these thoughts of disempowerment are not urging you into something where you start feeling more empowered or in control of your life and relationship.

This also comes up when we are feeling either bored in our relationship or questioning if we are with the right person but repressing our thoughts so we don’t have to deal with any changes we may have to face if we acknowledged them.

The swords are not blocking the path as there is a gap right in front~ an escape route that is right in the position to see it but the blindfold is not allowing them to… The blindfold is a way of avoiding the path you wish to take because although the thought process has been overworked for a long time and isn’t feeling things are right it also doesn’t want to acknowledge changes. So creating a dis~harmony between the head and the heart.

This in time could start causing a mental anguish and anxiety through fear. So in order to not rock the boat with our partner we don’t voice our doubts or mental state of mind.

Sometimes this comes up when we start to realise we have given away our power to someone else and are no longer feeling we want to lose control of our being. If we don’t like the way things are heading.

It can also point to a significant partner dominating the union psychologically and controlling it so we end up suppressing our inner conflicts by going introverted and just privately thinking things through without feeling able to express our thoughts in a manner that will be accepted without further dominance and control given out.

Depending on the surrounding cards will determine why our thoughts are clouded, unexpressed and not disclosed.

This is the point where we need to look at the union on the whole and if it is the reason for these thoughts or if we carried them into our relationship.

If the latter then we can simply shift our thoughts in a more healthy direction usually just by acknowledging that we do have a choice in the situation.

If it’s the former it’s more serious and will require more changes but we also have to acknowledge that we do have a choice and are not trapped which takes time.

When we use our own thoughts to disempower ourselves we no longer gain the inner wisdom of our other guidance to help us see the path.

This is a warning to not let our thoughts create in us conditions where we lose our ability to tap into our higher self, spiritual guidance and innate abilities that are not governed by our mental process.

When we seek answers our overworked mind tends to throw up anything we stored in there like a filing cabinet….. and then because our brain wishes to be helpful will throw up all the worst case scenarios if it finds anything connected or related to past issues that had consequences.

last time you had an issue like this it ended badly, I mean remember this happened and that

Also if we have trained our mind to be both creatively dramatic it will add other exaggerated fears.~ thinking this is what we are wanting when in reality we want the opposite.

This is the thing with our brain it is supposed to serve us but we usually serve it.

‘My soul feels so drawn to going to that spiritual seminar for the weekend. It needs higher true connection …..My Brain ~boring I want to read a book or watch a movie.

Maybe ill just stay in and read.

When the eight of sword appears in a love spread try meditating and switching off all these thoughts and allow the other wisdoms and inner lives to be brought into play and listen to them. They can sense and feel where you are at at this time and intuitively give guidance and also your own spiritual guide can assist you out of the hazy muddy thought process so you can gain clarity and once you have you can calm the fears and quieten the mind.

If the strength card is in the spread its even better because you have the ability to draw on that inner strength that has assisted you in other situations where you have needed it the most and remind you that you are not trapped or a victim but an empowered strong person and can not just swim out of those thoughts but to reach the shore and feel the courage and satisfaction that comes with moving and creating healthy situations with freedom and confidence to change anything that no longer works for you as you learn and grow with each challenge and get stronger each time. Congratulations once you leave this card behind… You are free to move to different horizons mentally and explore options that you no longer block for yourself. ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ

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