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Five of swords 🌸 This is the card I pull up most frequently when it comes to looking at world affairs and local environment when next to the world card.. It’s related to politics, religions and anything with a them and us division or rather the abuse of power. It symbolises self interest and seperation along with a them or us mentality and is the root cause of much pollution war, poverty, world violence and domestic violence.. and breakdowns of partnerships when paired with certain Coin cards.

In relationships it would represent bringing in thought agendas that are not in harmony, compatable or healthy with a personal relationship. Challenging us to question and pay attention to these thoughts.

The war on women or war on men divison

Its the opposite to the temperance card ~balance.

‘All my boyfriends have lied and cheated therefore all men are untrustworthy pigs.’

‘My girlfriend/wife cheated on me therefore all women are…....’

Women are inferior to men and should obey mens commands because the Bible says…….

‘ Women need rescuing why won’t they let me (condescending an undermining)

‘There is something evil about men just look around at the wars and abuse on such a large scale. For proof of our enemy’

my wife rejected me ~gave me a divorce, won’t let me see my children therefore all women are self serving sneeky gold digging deceitful ,unfaithful………..

‘ In the bible if it wasn’t for eve we would all be in the Garden of Eden and with God…… Says it all~ stay away!!!!!

‘ Women should objey husbands and reproduce and nurture otherwise they are corrupted and self indulgent ‘

Terms and camps to reflect it could be any ism words or Tools like religion, politics and anything at hand that we feel justify our unhealthy beliefs. Cherry picking only the bits that reinforce our negative stereotyping.

These are self destructive patterns that create conflict due to unresolved past hurts and throws off balance the natural balance and moral compass we innately inherit and possess.

A relationship is intimate ~an unhealthy mental agenda is not.

This is where much energy goes and where the transference begins. To erode a natural intimate occurance and authentic unfolding of interaction and getting to know the other as authentically as possible in favour of projecting negatively beliefs triggered by injury.

When we have bad experiences it’s far easier to project it onto groups we deem inferior to ourselves than do the inner reflections, healing and self examinations with humility within.

Disconnection between the natural experience of another and the thinking process that believes its all to do with the gender or a group who all share those negative worst aspects so “what is the point of truly getting to know them authentically.

This destructive pattern of unhealthy thinking then gets brought into personal relationships and like a cancer causes a growth that becomes bigger with more fuel. Transference and projections become truth and authentic dealings are replaced by a mere soundboard for frustrations, anger loathing and ultimately discord. psychoanalysis seeking to identify this and how it shaped us from our relationship with caregivers to adult relationships.

Most of these being out of our conscious thinking and buried in the unconscious so therefore repeating these patterning throughout our lives bringing about the same outcomes.

Psychoanalytic approach was in uncovering these unhealthily learnt patterns and bringing it into the conscious in order to break the cycles and become free of the governing of these learnt influences by self examination and earliest influences rather than using self defence mechanisms and throwing it onto others who have not caused the wounds.

This is also the card I pull out frequently for narcissistics and the narcissistic parts in ourselves as well as narcissistic injury and rage of others.

The world healing of relationships and recreating harmony would be in the undoing of what we think and the overwhelming negativity of creating and connecting hurt with groups.

In this there needs to be a recognising of both thoughts~ all connected and individual autonomy and uniqueness of the individual all at the same time to bring back the authentic core and bonding of a unique individuals connections with another..

A universal shift in consciousness from local to an expanding higher one that isn’t governed by destructive learnt thinking that has its roots in ignorance. Returning to the source of authentic love God.

If this card gets drawn in a love reading with other cards indicating the ‘same old’ I’m dealing with an impersonal agenda, no authentic sincerity here, like five of wands and so on its asking the couple to examine their motives and thoughts and if they are healthy….This is not a card that is showing a loving connection and authentic bounding, its showing a loner in the Union that is self serving and thinks of the union as well as the world in general~ as a them or us situation and you are the them along with the others of your kind women/men… and they are the us.. Its also a warning to examine if there is either narcissism power plays in the dis~ union or if you are actually with a Narcissist. Another no card 🌸 🌸 🌸

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