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The Ten of swords ๐ŸŒธ Anyone with the rider waite will understand the dramatic image of this little beauty! Depending on its position in the love spread its another card that you don’t wish to turn over. I had to spend a great amount of time reassuring a client at a mind body exhibition that she wasn’t going to die when her eyes focused on this.

In love readings its about betrayal and depending on who it concerns and the position will determine other aspects. In love spreads it tends to come up if a partner has cheated and about to be found out (If the seven of swords is present~ nickname secret lemonade drinker) or it’s already unfolded. Sometimes we don’t always value what we have until it’s too late and are impulsive rather than reflective . If it’s in the future position it’s a warning.

Relationships are built on trust and once broken are not easily repaired or ever repaired. The injured party at this point is so beside themselves it’s all they can think about. They are so hurt and feel such a sense of backstabbed ~ten swords in his back not one to demonstrate that the overwhelming pain of the betrayal is just too great to even get up from the face down floor position.

Some will say with this brings a positive awareness and new beginning but my take is this, its so rock bottom they could only get better because they couldn’t feel much worse.

As a sword they will be thinking about this for a very long time… With cups it’s days, with pentacles it’s months, wands are weeks and with swords it’s infinity as swords don’t have timing but usually can be open ended for so long you give up the good fight.

This is also woe is me I’ve been so hurt I can’t even bare to ever get up and look you in the eye again

I’d accept that the relationship you once had has been damaged beyond repair and to let go.

When someone has seen your betrayal to this extent and cost it isn’t going to heal. You have shattered or they have shattered the glue that binds a relationship together.

It no longer has the boundaries, security, peace of mind, respect, trust or support it once held.

I was often asked impatiently if they could rectify it with some techniques


The reason why they are feeling so deeply imbedded in hurt is because they gave you full trust and their heart. You were trusted to be their closest in life.

They are now seeing you in a

completely different light and that light isn’t at all flattering. This isn’t a fix up job.

A significant other trust’s you to share their lives with not to destroy their whole psychological well being and hurt them to such an extent.

If married may be a great idea to book marriage counselling although they are not Miracle workers.

If no ties take this to reflect and go deep into why this may have happened.

Sometimes with swords they are thinking negatively too much. So let them be if you are the root cause.

If it’s you that is on the receiving end of the betrayal then you would be best to get away for as long as you need if possible as much healing will be needed and support from others.

At present with this card

communication takes two parties not one and they sure are not feeling up to getting personal with their stuff and freely sharing with you right now.

I have this view that if there is serious betrayal in a relationship it was probably on its way out anyway… but we must be careful in that uncertain, vulnerable time of how we treat the other as respectfully as we can, so we can close the chapter without regrets or guilt and if it is valuable to you ~its a warning to think before you take an action that will cost you dearly๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ ๐ŸŒธ

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