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Six of cups 🌸 This card is truly special when it appears in a love reading. There will be an element of childlike fun to it and carefree bliss. They will have a happy go lucky feeling that is warm and loving.

Lots of fun and laughter. A couple that may be around children or planning to have them and are open to enjoying playful insights and reliving a second childhood with their own children ‘hey this will be fun I’ll get to go to funfairs and things’. They will have a free flowing love for each other and spend great times laughing and sensing things with a childlike innocence.

If this card appears especially in position six then it can also signify childhood sweetheart reunions that may rekindle and bring about youthful banter and stories of childhood. If it’s in present with other cards its usually you already are with your childhood sweetheart and have or planning to have children together especially with the empress and ace of cups in the reading.

This couple never lose their inner child and blissful carefree nature. If it’s around the Ten of wands. (burdens with too many responsibilities) It suggests bringing back in that innocent playful side that may have been buried.

Its a really lovely card to appear in the spread and children being our teachers in life or not to lose our childlike sense of play and adventure. These are the couples you may see as elders dancing on a cruise ship or glaming up to go for a movie and are never bored. They never lose that sparkle for life. 🌸 🌸 🌸

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