Tarot meanings 🌸

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Ten of cups. 🌸 In a love reading if the two of cups is in the position as the significant card and the ten of cups is in the future its a blissful combination.

In the celtic Cross spread the two would signal the beginning of a relationship and its early stages so as the cards unfold if ten of cups is in position ten as possible outcome it suggests the relationship getting stronger and possibly leading to marriage and children. This is a joyful card and symbolic of bliss, fulfilment contentment. A Happy life that has divine love on their side. The blissful enjoyment of fruits bearing and a loving family with foundations. These combinations would be almost fairytale outcomes for those seeking or asking about someone they have recently started courting. ,divine connections a warm healthy family brought about by genuine love and devotion . If other supportive cards are in the twelve positions then the relationship should unfold with a certain assurance. Usually though this card can signify beating the odds against them. eg mixed marriages, different cultures or other matters that they have pulled through to make their relationship survive and reach a happy place that has the anchor of their true love and the blessings of the angelic realms with a beautiful bright journey together in each other arms. This kind of true love wins anything stacked against it and will have moments of sheer joy and uplifting sincere gratitude to the angels for finding each other. The best cards for romance and a good match with a future. 🌸 🌸 🌸

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