Tarot meanings

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Four of pentacles 🌸 Scrooge. In a love reading this card changes its meaning with materialism to an emotional scrooge. Pentacles are of the earth element and in a love reading if there are other cards equally negative this doesn’t bode well for a lasting union.

Inability to create the intimacy that is required in a relationship. I have this saying when I see this card ‘tight with their money tight with their emotions’ It’s not a relationship bonding card. It usually indicates a closed up blocked energy that will see their other half as a trophy rather than a person. I often see this in relationships that are full of uncertainties for the other. A genuine feeling of suffering of lack of love and a strong sense of continual loneliness and inability to communicate or enjoy a deep affinity with their partner. Security is there but it lacks so many other aspects it would be like getting blood out of a stone be it love, affection, time, communication. It gives the appearance of a relationship in the sense that physically they may be around you but as far as closeness, friendship or anything else goes it will leave you deeply lonely and unfulfilled and depending on surrounding cards probably will not last more than either a couple of month to a couple of years before awol happens 🌸

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