Tarot meaning

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Four of cups, 🌸 If this appears in a love spread depending on cards around it can point to a fed up feeling that lingers. It’s a warning to communicate with each other to resolve matters depending on the significant card. This is a card that suggests withdrawal from the relationship or the losing of its spark. Usually it will appear after a long stretch of difficulty and emotional blocks where the person simply isn’t communicating to the other due to upheaval or misunderstanding. Sometimes it appears when someone is feeling a relationship has run its course although the cups behind them are indicating potential and things worth keeping though they are not focusing on those at present only the fed up feeling overwhelming them and the blocks. If this feeling persists and the communication isn’t opened up and explored it could lead to further issues especially if the devil card appears. It also indicates mourning and deep reflective meditation and often a time of quiet reflection and the withdrawal is important for the time

it’s needed. This is only an issue if it lingers for too long or they get stuck in this mood habitually. 🌸

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