Toxic energy💗

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Toxic energy is one of the most draining energy frequencies and the worst enemy to our well being there is.

You may find this energy in churches, with clergy, in relationships ,family or with friends.

Toxic energy can happen to anyone of us and anything can cause this to manifest itself and then it requires our complex to process it out…. However have you ever come across someone that no matter how much you read or see them, they always leave you angry?

If you usually don’t feel anger around any other person for the most part , yet constantly feel angry with one particular person pretty much all the time . It could be a warning that this is a toxic polluter.

This is usually due to a persistent toxic energy they are carrying and processing and when you tap into them their energy transfers to you.

This in turn cleans them up but leaves you constantly drained and feeling bad.

The term I use is energy vampires .

They poison their own energy with ill feeling, anger and bad thoughts and because their internal ‘clean up systems’ don’t want the poison, they have themselves manufactured , they look for a person’s energy field to dump it onto.

If you find yourself feeling constantly bad or angered with a particular party, it is usually a sign that they are constantly in a bad process themselves and angry, so looking for a regular dumping ground.

They will usually seek plenty of attention and even negative attention feeds and cleans them up because it means they have successfully managed to transfer their own bad energy onto you.

The best way to deal with a persistent toxic energy is to starve them of any energy or openess /access to your energy. This protects you and they then have to deal with their own manufactured poison or find other victims to keep them afloat in toxic fumes and clean ups.

These are some other signs that can point to a toxic person and remember, it doesn’t matter what they present to you on the outside or what the relationship may be ,it’s how they leave you feeling for most of the time that will determine if their energy is toxic.

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