Our inspirational love affair with Nature – Quotes by Clara

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Natural inspiration is all around us, just look at a rainbow or a flower to understand the magnificence of Creation and the stunning richness of the colour spectrum. 


Water cleans electrics – every time it rains mother earth is doing her housework. 


The energy that makes up every atom of our being originated billions of years ago in the stars. When you look up at stars in the night sky you’re looking at where you came from. 


When we go for walks in nature we are surrounded by nature spirits that clean our Aura and give us a sense of well being 


The beauty of relationships is in understanding the Greater Relationship. Mother Earth provides, maintains and nurtures, whilst the masculine Sun sheds its light, energy and warmth on all, helping things to grow whilst they instinctively reach towards the light. Together there is no greater love affair, each needing and supporting the other to sustain all organic life.



Quotes by Clara







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