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A Quick Summary Of Why We Dream

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Why We Dream
Why We Dream

The brain manufactures things all the time.

When we sleep our brain wants to get rid of signals we have throughout the day but in order to do this it has to manufactures what we call dreams.

When we sleep we also go through the seven realms which cleanses us and reminds us every night what our purpose is here.

Our sleep doesn’t just renew cells and things it also cleans up our brain, our aura our electrics and so on.Β Much like when our body takes nutrients from our food and gets rid of waste that it does not need.

This is what our sleep purpose is

Thoughts produce energy and all our energy is being absorbed into our aura and electrics and body, but sleep is like a cleaning routine and gets rid of all these unwanted signals and anything we absorb which it doesn’t need or want, and one of the ways it gets rid of them is through dreams.

You can watch say a horror and take in negative signals and the brain will make up a story and flush those signals out which is what nightmares are.

On another level sleep also gives our astral body a chance to roam. The human body is very limited so sometimes when we sleep our astral body decides to leave and roam as its feels free and weightless and if you have ever been woken up by a shift to the body that can usually indicate that your astral body is coming back into you body after its been roaming about.

Dreams can also be a way of tuning into the world in a more clairvoyant/psychic way, as our conscious mind is engaged so leaves other senses to roam and tune into the unseen worlds without our thoughts interfering or everyday duties getting in the way and this can explain prolific dreams of the future.

Some of my most psychic predictions have come through dreams, usually anything from more mundane things, like hearing a song that i later here that day to bigger world events like 9/11.

Dream diaries are great to keep in order to see if there are any future predictions later on.