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Divine dream correction πŸŒΈ

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My partner has just corrected me in the dream I had. 🌸 He said that I’d said in the vision, that when the Angel introduced itself… It had given me the feeling that it had remained with the other group when splitting. 🌸 The fellow bit I’d noted to him, was an introduction with the strong message he was on the other side.. So was not a messenger for me, and when I looked in my notes and had seen his name, I’d got a strong sense he had remained . Okay I will ask for another angel to introduce themselves, of a like minded nature before bedtimes, maybe the story will reveal more in time blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

Divine Dreams 🌸 Archangel Jophiel

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I had the most divine dream last night. 🌸 I was sitting on a train and could see this bearded man, in the middle preaching to everyone. I was looking into a book, and finally looked up to ask the man what he was preaching about? but he came over to me and nibbled my ear. 🌸 I pushed him away and looked at a book I had in my hand. I had been writing down notes, and trying to explain to someone that some event happened ~and the angels had split into groups, some staid with the institutes, and some went to a new horizon and were waiting patiently for the light. 🌸 As We approached the station, I found myself in various locations. Looking at statues calved in marble and stone, and the surroundings looked like caves.. I was just about to enter another room, and an Angel came down and introduced me as my fellow guardian Angel. Saying name was~ Angel jophiel. When I looked down in my notes I saw the name and how it was spelt. Id never heard of this Angel before, so on awaking, looked up if this was an Angel that was known and this is what I found. … So maybe this was a real divine dream. 🌸 I can always tell if a dream is of the future, because it plays out, where you are watching events unfold. You are there, but not a part of what’s going on around you….but this dream was completely different, in that I was part of everything happening in it, So an angel dream. Blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

Divine movie 🌸

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We are just settling down to watch a movie called The Notebook. I watched it years ago, and if I remember correctly It was excellent. 🌸 Ryan gosling was particulary good in a true movie called All Good things. 🌸 Blessings 🌸 🌸 🌸

Divine happiness 🌸

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Watching my lovely, gorgeous, amazing soulmate putting up my enlarged Jesus print (lots of πŸ› ) before lighting the candles for my devotion blessings nite all 🌸🌸 🌸